Today’s the Day

Alone and Strong

I joke that so much of my life revolves around kink and BDSM. Many of my friends are from the Scene, my perspective on sex and sexuality is more fluid and open based on what I’ve learned through the years, and my communication with my sons, even at such an early age, is focused on consent and open communication.

But today, all of that is pushed aside. Today is the first day that my husband and I go through mediation. I am told that it’s not legally binding, so there’s perks and drawbacks; custody decisions, if they don’t go in my favour (which I’m assured they would), are not permanent. That said, any financial support or visitation decisions cannot be upheld. I can’t be assured that he will help pay this month for school for our oldest son, so I have to operate under the assumption that he won’t.

So, what’s the point of mediation, you might ask. I have to be honest, I don’t know. As a Domme, I’m used to being able to exert at least some control over every situation; I am Dominant at my vanilla job, Dominant in sex, and Dominant in play. But there’s no preparing for a process you don’t know, around which there is little specific information online, and where the people in charge will not provide details. I may be walking into an important battle, and I’ll be almost entirely unprepared. For once, I am lost and alone in a vanilla sea, and I can only hope the winds blow in my favour.


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