The New Client

I like new clients. Well, I like all my clients, but new clients are a bit like trying a meal you’re almost certain you’ll like. I’m very particular during my interview process, so I only rarely end up with a dud.. and when I do, it’s usually so I can have stories to tell. Like that one time I was fisting a client, and all he could talk about was how his house was near this famous rockstar’s, “but not TOO close.”

You’re the reason I use ballgags.

Anyway, once in a while, I get a lovely email from a potential new client, and I know instantly that we’ll hit it off. Case in point, Little M:

Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I would love to tell you about my experiences and interests. I did have
2 sessions in the past (a few years ago) and one was with a friend so the excitement was limited to giggles for us both. I am 38 years old but I can become shy very quickly in the company of the right lady hahah. I have experienced bondage, worshipping (sic), some pegging training and light I do love the psychological aspect of play as I find eye contact can be such a powerful thing, even without touch. This is why I have a huge love of this.

I also am a huge latex/leather lover and own my own small collection of items like masks and catsuit, gloves etc. I know this is not everyone’s interest so I don’t expect it to be fulfilled always. It is to please someone else that I aspire to. I also have a sense of humour and I have a regular life so this passion does not rule my life. I remember seeing your profile a long time back on fetlife and have wanted to contact you since then. Your mannerly yet stern profile had me intrigued instantly. This weekend I
was not able to find any contact details for you so I googled [my name and city] and found an email for you. I hope that this isn’t too much or I can provide whatever more you wish to know. I am a very positive person
with a fulltime job and good lifetime friends, meaning I am not clingy or desperate. But I do have this dark side that I feel I must pursue further seeing as we all only live once. 

 I hope you can relate to some of this and we can talk further.

Thank you,

Oh, you’re oh-so-welcome, M. Let’s play. You may be just what I need right now…fresh meat


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