We’re All Liars Here

It took me so long, partly because of the pregnancy, and partly because of everything else, but I finally got my 2013 taxes done.

I owe the government over 50k. Over 70k.

I had a settlement, you see. I was fired for being pregnant. At the time, my husband took the money and used it to fund our move. Our attorney suggested we put some away for taxes… I should have done that. Instead, I trusted my husband not to use it all up.

He did. It’s gone. Long gone. And now the government comes calling, and I’m barely making ends meet, as is. Stupid me, I even just bought a new outfit, thinking how well I looked. I’ll keep it; the price won’t make a difference.

I’ll wear it, and look like I’m in charge of my life, like everyone else.

Because we’re all liars here.

This post brought to you by the bottle of rum at my feet.