We’re All Liars Here

It took me so long, partly because of the pregnancy, and partly because of everything else, but I finally got my 2013 taxes done.

I owe the government over 50k. Over 70k.

I had a settlement, you see. I was fired for being pregnant. At the time, my husband took the money and used it to fund our move. Our attorney suggested we put some away for taxes… I should have done that. Instead, I trusted my husband not to use it all up.

He did. It’s gone. Long gone. And now the government comes calling, and I’m barely making ends meet, as is. Stupid me, I even just bought a new outfit, thinking how well I looked. I’ll keep it; the price won’t make a difference.

I’ll wear it, and look like I’m in charge of my life, like everyone else.

Because we’re all liars here.

This post brought to you by the bottle of rum at my feet.


7 thoughts on “We’re All Liars Here

    • Good advice. Honestly, I knew a hit was coming. And I’m not completely stupid; I knew I owed penalties and fees. I guess I just didn’t realise how bad it would be. Summer has suggested I plead bankruptcy, and figure out a payment plan. “You can’t get blood from a stone,” she says. That might just be what I have to do, because there’s no way I have that sort of cash just hanging around.

      Thank you for the advice!

      • I did just that, but every few months they go back another year and come up with something. I told my ex that it going to be him they come after, I now own nothing. I guess that’s a good thing, because really, I have nothing left to take.

  1. Wow, what a tough blow to take! Bankruptcy may be your best bet (and in a lot of cases, can actually work in your favor) but my husband does a lot with finances and managed his parents’ bankruptcy, and he suggests you get a consultation with a damn good bankruptcy lawyer (preferably more than one) before doing anything, because depending on other expenses, assets you own, income, etc, it could do way more harm than good. And remember, you can make arrangements with the IRS itself, too. They’ll actually work with you (to a point) and come to a somewhat decent payment plan that could help prevent the need to file for bankruptcy.

  2. Hiya! Just checking back in about the Domme Bloggers topic challenge. This month’s topic is “Sexiness & desire As women, we hear a lot that to be “sexy” means being desirable/desired. But if we’re doing the desiring (or even the up-against-the-wall kissing!), is there still room to feel “sexy”? Or maybe you think of being “sexy” and being desirable as two different things? How do you like to know that your partner desires you, and how do you like to express your desire for them?”

    We aim to publish our posts by July 13 – can you let me know when you post and I’ll drop a link in our Reddit group so folks can check it out? We have great topics lined up for future months too. Good luck!

  3. Hi! Our next topic is up for Domme Bloggers with posts due Aug. 14. Let me know if you’d like me to cease with the updates. 🙂

    “Idols & archetypes In The Ultimate Guide to Kink, Midori talks about “classic icons of sexy dominant women” (pag. 594) in film, literature, mythology and pop culture – not dominatrices per se, but figures like Marlene Dietrich, Cleopatra, or Lilith. Are there any such ‘powerful’ or ‘dominant’ female characters or archetypes that you admire, or take inspiration from? What resonates with you about them?”

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