Fuck Me.


This is my boss. Everybody say hi!!!!! That photo wasn’t sent to me, but let’s just say I have my ways.

Now, for some time, my boss has been maybe-flirting, possibly-just-having-a-laugh. The problem is, I’m awful at flirting. I have two modes: “shut the fuck up, because I suspect you’re making fun of me,” and “take off your pants.” Like, that’s it. If you’re interested in sex, then let’s negotiate a scene, otherwise, I’m assuming you simply enjoy my sparkling wit and delightful reparte.

But not everyone is Scene. So I’m left floundering, wondering whether he actually wants to fuck, or if it’s all just office place banter to pass the hours.

……..but I would absolutely break that shit into a pile of subby fun. Wouldn’t you? Fuck me, but he’s HOT.


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