Working the Online Angle.

Much of my influence over a submissive stems from touch and eye contact; you’re easier to control when I can grab your hair and tell you to shut the fuck up. That being said, my recent influx of clients have primarily been online men. Men from my region of the globe who either cannot get to my city, or else they’re from religious countries where sex is generally frowned upon. I don’t mind, your euro is just as good as anyone else’s, and I’m happy to help normalise certain fetishes and kinks.

Still, online work deviates from my previous experiences, which means I have to expand my repertoire and learn how to influence, even from thousands of miles away. It’s not as simple as pretending to like someone; I’m more honest than some catfisher. I need to make you do things that you want to do, but tell yourself that you DON’T really want to do. I can make you lick my hand, but how to make a man put himself in excruciating pain for me, I wonder…

And it’s harder still when some men aren’t acquainted with basic terminology. Then, you shift between teacher and Domme. Maybe I can wear glasses and put my hair in a bun! Just kidding…. except for the glasses part. I’m typing this in the dark while my oldest is asleep next to me in the bed. How many clients will it take for me to be able to afford new glasses, I wonder. Ugh.



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