The Italian Stallion; aka, I’m apparently a neurotic freak

I’ve learned a few things after joining THAT SITE for meeting new clients, the first is how to spot a time waster. The second, after my date with a new client, was that I am apparently a neurotic freak. So, for your amusement, I present the difference between an American, and an Italian:

Me: So, you’ve seen Professionals in the past?
Him: Err, yes, yes.

Me: Right. That’s great. Any issues or baggage I need to know or work around?

Him: What? No. No baggage. I’m Italian.

Me: …

Him: Italians, we don’t have-a the baggage.

I swear to G-D that’s exactly how this conversation went. Like, who the fuck doesn’t have baggage?! He looked at me like I had swallowed my tongue and might possibly need the Heimlich. Anyway, he further adds to my theory that the bigger they are, the harder the fall into submission. This man is something insane like 6’5, and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t want to just grovel at my feet. Like, all night. It’s adorable. Jesus Christ, submissive men are the best.


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