How To Spot A Time waster, Cont’d

When last we met our heroine, she was establishing a stable of slutty paying submissive men. However, since they don’t just show up at my door (except for the one last night, but that’s a weird and long story), she must advertise on relevant website. And yet, an ad can bring in the bad as well as the good. And so, for your enjoyment, I present the next instalment of How To Spot a Timewaster.  TA DAH, KIDS!!!!:


I’m doing this on my phone, and I can’t seem to make it larger. But let’s start with the obvious: if you write to me, I’m going to check out your profile. That’s your first impression, so it had better be good. If you can’t even be asked to properly write out “I’m,” EVEN WHEN MOST SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES AND MICROSOFT SUITS PROMPT YOU WITH THE CORRECT SPELLING, THIS WILL NEVER BE A LOVE MATCH.

Also, are you discreet? I can’t tell. Sure, you say it THREE TIMES in what amounts to maybe 6-7 sentences, BUT HOW CAN I, A NICE YOUNG, HETERO MAN be sure?

Answer: I can’t. Because you misspelled that, too. Look, we all play a bit fast and loose with grammar and we all make spelling errors, but you’re taking my time, and I can’t see the forest through the terrifying trees of your mangled English.

I’m just being picky here, but “aswell” is not a word. We could make it one, though. “Anyone who makes Dommehouse THIS angry is a total aswell.”

Yup. That works.

Finally, I know people over use ellipses; I’m guilty of it, myself…

NOBODY PUTS FIVE COMMAS IN A ROW. THAT’S NOT A THING THAT PEOPLE DO. When you can’t be bothered to put any time or effort into your profile or your email (I got a jarring, “hey, hows u”), then why on EARTH would I think you’re someone who can commit to a mature, ongoing, BDSM dynamic?

Verdict: you’re a time waster because you don’t value ANYONE’S time, including your own.


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