We all have our hobbies

On the one hand, I feel like sleeping with the partner at my firm would be fun and easy. On the other hand, that’s a career limiting move, right there.

Why does so much stress have to be attached to fucking? All I want to do is see if I can seduce an older, married man into sex.

The more I meditate on this interest, the more I consider his dominance. His position of power. There’s a tremendously compelling urge to use my sexuality to take the upper hand, to bring him low by exposing my own dominance and influence. There’s the drive to show him what real power can look like, and it’s delicious to let the thought fill me up until it seems like I’m made of aggression and sex and control. How many times have men spoken over me in a meeting or taken my ideas? This would be a form of retribution, in a way…

Ugh. I…. should probably have sex with Special K before I torpedo my entire career. Jesus Christ.


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